Deanship of Admissions and Registration
Admissions and Registration

The Office of the Dean for Admissions and Registration at the University of Hafr AlBatin is the catalyst for academic progress at the University. This office oversees most of the students' affairs throughout their time at the University, beginning with the application process, through their tenure as students and even after their graduation. The responsibilities borne by the Office of Admissions and Registration can be summed up as follows:

  • Admissions of students to the University, manage and control their academic records, provide academic advisement, announce examination results and follow up with the specific colleges concerned to make sure that all requirements are met for each student to graduate.
  • Oversee the transfer of students from one college to another within the University or between the University and other universities.
  • Organize and keep students' files.
  • Maintain a persistent follow up policy for students in their studies and record all information about them.
  • Translate documents, certificates and approve them upon graduation.