Applying to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Program for Aiding Syrian Students
Applying to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Program for Aiding Syrian Students

Sun, 03/06/2016 - 10:15

The Deanship of Admissions and Registration in the University of Hafr Al Batin is pleased to announce the beginning of admission for the upcoming year in the Custodians of the Two Holy Mosques Program for aiding Syrian students. Application will start on Thursday March 2, 2016 until March 10, 2016.

Terms and regulations for admission in the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Program:

  1. The applicant’s visiting visa should have been issued before this decree was announced and before the 19th of Safar 1437 A.H.
  2. All acceptance terms which apply to Saudi students will apply to Syrian students with the exception of the General Aptitude Test and the Scholastic Achievement Admission Test.
  3. For students applying for a Bachelor’s Degree: the student should have gained a high school diploma or its equivalent from within the Kingdom or without and the diploma should be authorized according to the 9th point of the following regulations.
  4. For students who were studying in Syria: the applicant should have studied for at least one semester in a Syrian educational institution (Governmental or Private) which is certified by the Syrian Ministry of Higher Education. The Applicant should provide an academic record for the subjects that he/she has studied.
  5. The applicant’s age should be no less than 17 and not over 25.
  6. The University of Hafr Al Batin will consider the possibility of calculating the student’s credited hours according to the University’s set regulations.
  7. The applicant should have passed the medical examination which is applicable in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  8. The applicant should not be suspended from the University or any other university in the Kingdom.
  9. The applicant’s certificates and records should be certified according to the following procedures:
  • His/her certificates and academic records should be authorized from the Syrian educational agencies then from the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs then from the Saudi Cultural Bureau in Syria.
  • In case the applicant’s certificates and records could not be certified; the student should certify them as soon as possible.
  • The University will not grant a graduation certificate to the student who has not validated his/her certificates from the particular agencies in his/her country and the Saudi Bureaus in the Saudi Arabian Embassies.
  • If it appears that the applicant’s documents are inaccurate or forged the student will be handed over to the forgery specialized agencies.  
  • Any document that appears to be incorrect will be eliminated.


General Terms:

  • The program accepts female and male students.
  • Studying should be regular and full time.
  • The student cannot transfer from one university to another university or governmental institution in the Kingdom.


The University requires that applicants attach the following documents:

  • His/her high school diploma or its equivalent, the original and a copy.
  • His/her valid visiting visa, the original and a copy.
  • A photo-copy of the applicant’s passport.
  • An academic record for transferring students.