Public Relations
Mission, Vision and Objectives

To highlight the bright aspects and image of the academic institution of the University of Hafr Al- Batin.


Leadership in organizing events held and hosted by the University and to achieve excellence in serving the University’s internal and external public.


• Receive University guests and visitors.
• Increase the links between the colleges and staff.
• Issue tickets for University expatriates and guests.
• Organize parties and social events.
• Prepare university news, scientific and media topics that will be published in the press.
• Follow up and document the news published about the University.
• Prepare the University’s scientific material to be broadcasted on TV and radio programs.
• Publish the University newsletter which constitutes a reflective mirror of the different internal and external University activities.
• Prepare, coordinate and supervise lectures and public seminars approved by the University.
• Follow up the private needs of the senior administration.

• Make the University one of the Kingdom’s leading educational institutions.
• Strengthen the link and communication between the University and the community.
• Activate and develop the University media performance by making it more reflective of the achievements on the educational level, scientific research and community service.