Information Technology
About the Department

The Information Technology Unit is the primary computing facility at University of Hafr Al Batin. It is a newly established university. It provides computing support for education, research, and the administration at the University.


Information Technology Unit services are provided to all academic, research and administrative sectors. These services include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Student technical support, providing personal computing systems, anti-virus support, and services related to student examinations and teaching evaluations.

• Supporting and operating the computing resources with their operating systems and databases.

• Supporting and operating networks that exceed 2200 network points, while providing security to the information exchanged. Providing cable and network connectivity to support e-mail and the Internet, and administering the online academic portal.

• Operating administrative and academic applications.

• Supporting and operating more than 10 computer laboratories.

• Services that are provided to outside customers (Government and public sectors), and various IT-elated courses and tutorials.


The unit is committed to providing high-quality information services that foster a productive academic and research environment for students, faculty, staff, and management at UOHB.