Vision, Mission and Goals
Vision, Mission and Goals

    • Vision, Mission and Goals


      To develop leadership and excellence in education, and conducting scientific research for serving the community in order to build a knowledge-based economy.


      To provide a qualified and effective academic excellence in education and research utilizing creative means through the active participation of the community.


      • Mastery in all areas of specializations and excellence in specific areas.
      • Hiring distinguished faculty members.
      • Emphasizing on quality rather than quantity.
      • Empowering skills and capabilities of our graduates.
      • Bridging between the gaps of communication.
      • Providing a contributive learning environment.
      • Working for a sustainable future.
      • Building flexibility and accountability.
      • Creating a supportive and administrative organization.
      • Providing an appropriate scientific environment for faculty members and university students.
      • Adopting distinctive academic programs and developing a solid foundation in accordance with the international standards and national requirements.
      • Admitting students based on a specific set criteria keeping in view of the requirements of both the university and the community.
      • Applying the standards, policies, mechanisms and quality practices for academic accreditation of the university.
      • Establishing specialized distinctive research centers in the colleges and to provide necessary resources.
      • Developing human resources through the introduction of distinctive training programs and providing counseling on how to resolve community related problems.
      • Partnering between the University of Hafr Al-Batin and other Saudi and international reputed universities in different fields.