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    The College of Education was originally established in 1412 AH/ 1991 CE as the Intermediate College for Women. At the beginning, the College only granted associate of arts degrees with a two year long program of study. In 1997 it became the College of Education for Women and bachelor degrees were offerred. In 1997 the science departments were separated from the humanities and arts departments.

  • Introduction

    The College of Education was originally established in 1412 AH/ 1991 CE as the Intermediate College for Women. At the beginning, the College only granted associate of arts degrees with a two year long program of study. In 1997 it became the College of Education for Women and bachelor degrees were offerred. In 1997 the science departments were separated from the humanities and arts departments. In 2006 two independent colleges were created, the College of Applied Medical Sciences and the College of Education. In 2009 they joined the University of Dammam and in 2012 as the Colleges grew, the College of Education was divided into two sections, one focusing on education and arts and the other on education and sciences.

    Dean's Message

    Praise be to Allah, blessings and peace be upon the one and only Prophet Muhammad, and upon his family and companions.
    The College is an environment where ideas, interact and discover talent, capacity-development and live up to the intellectual and cultural level and knowledge in the light of the well-established doctrine and principles of Islam. And the availability of qualified personnel to the development requirements and the needs of the labor market in the era of the world flow of knowledge as a result of the tremendous development in technology Given the importance of university education and that universities are a beacon of science and Habitat research and progress, we must have a role and contribution to the rack level cultural, scientific and social researches for the development of human resources to contribute to nation-building, science and knowledge, and achieve security and stability is through an educated community appreciates and understands his life and role in society . And achieve the objectives of the University and its ambitions by providing academic and community-based services and administrative and technical in order to prepare the students academically distinguished, with capacity for a better future and to contribute to the development of Homecoming
    And in my own name, I thank all members of the College and its female students and invite them to double the effort and quality of performance in their respective fields to contribute all in driving the evolution and to be worthy of the honor of the precious And to know that we owe this edifice of scientific secretariat Giant.
    Also extend my thanks and appreciation to his Excellency the Rector of the University of Dammam. And his Excellency the distinguished University agents and all departments of the institution and all Associates for their efforts to improve for the better, you have our thanks and gratitude ... we ask God to us all and we are helping him to work on the face that God intended for us.

    Dr. Hanan Mahmoud kera
    Dean, College of Education departments



    The vision of the College of Education is to be the premier academic institution in educating the future teachers of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by engaging the students in research and scholarship that focuses on the central challenges facing education and also utilizes innovative instructional strategies that will allow our graduates to be the most effective educators in the region.


    The mission of the College of Education is help train outstanding educators who are prepared to handle the challenges of a knowledge based society and be able to complete globally. This can be achieved by establishing an effective educational and scientific environment and creating a curriculum that is continually up dated in order to reflect the latest developments in educational theory and research approaches that will advance the profession of education not only locally, but throughout the Gulf region.

    • Prepare the students to be innovative and resourceful teaching professionals.
    • Provide an outstanding educational experience that will prepare and train the students both scientifically and culturally so that they will be inspired and motivated when they enter the education arena.
    • Contribute to the development of education research and theory by publishing original and pioneering treatises on modern educational methods.
    • Establish an authentic partnership with the local community by sponsoring lectures, seminars, conferences and extension courses in the field of education.
    • Continually access and improve the administrative and academic cohorts of the College.
    • Establish relationships with other leading educational institutions both regionally and globally.
    • Establish an electronic library in order to provide a world of resources for faculty, staff and students.
    • Encourage students to pursue post-graduate studies and be acquainted with new developments in the area of their specializations.
    • Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies

      Department accepts only female candidates

      Credit Hours: 138 hours

      Degree awarded: Bachelors

      Study Years: Four years (including the general year)

      System of study: Year by year

      Preparatory year track: Literary


      Years of Study:

      1st year: The students study allthe required courses that include various subjects in Arabic, English, Islamic Studies and Educational Subjects

      2nd year: This year includes two semesters – 3rd and 4th. Students study basic Islamic subjects like Quran Sciences, Hadeeth Sciences, Jurisprudence of worship, and History of Legislation in addition to some helping courses for University requirements.

      3rd year: Students learn some courses related to Hadeeth and Jurisprudence of inheritance in addition to some educational courses like teaching strategies and methods of teaching.

      4th year: The students learn some courses in Hadeeth, Logic and Teaching methods that enable students in the last semester of this year to do their teaching practice in schools.


      Job Opportunities

      Graduates of this department can be employed in different fields. They can work as teachers, participate in in conferences and they can also work as Daaiyyatin mosques.

    • Bachelor of Arts in Arabic Language

      Department: Arabic Language.  
      Credit hours: 126 hr.
      Certificate: Bachelor degree.
      Study Years: 4 Years.
      Preparatory Year track: Literary.
      Background about the program

      The Department provides various specializations. Ex – Literature and criticism, morphology and syntax, prosody, Linguistics and the Department serves all aspects at Arabic language it serves proudly the language of Quran and enables to understand its various study of morphology syntax, derivation, stylistics and help students prove pronunciation and use the language.   


      Years of Study:

      First year:
      Preparatory year.

      Second year:
      Students study basic skills of Arabic language, which enable them to acquire the language and understand its grammar, morphology and rhetoric.
      Grammatical rules are applied to Quran texts and literary texts.
      In addition to that, students acquire computer skills thinking skills and psychology.   

      Third year:
      Students study grammatical linguistics rhetorical rules and apply them practically according to what they had acquired before students study literature from different.
      Ernes and know how to benefit from literal study.

      Fourth year:
      Students study specialized subjects as well as research paper according students` choice in language literature.
      In this year, the students go to schools for teaching practical.  

      Job opportunities:
      Graduates of Arabic department can be employed in different fields as a teacher and as journalists.


    • Bachelor of Arts in English Language

      Literary Section – English department

      Department: English department

      The department accepts female students .

      Credit hours: 126 hours

      Duration of study: 4 years including the preparatory year.

      Preparatory year track: literary (secondary school literary)


      About the specialization:

      The department focuses on teaching English as a foreign language through different courses which enable the students to learn & use the language.


      Years of Study:

      1st year: preparatory  year in literary track.

      2nd year: The students study courses which make them learn the language skills.

      3rd year: the students reinforce their knowledge of the language skills,in addition to some courses in linguistics and literature.

      4th year: the students study more linguistics courses in addition to some courses in languae teaching in the first term then in the second term they do their teaching practice  in the second term.

      Career opportunities:
      The graduates of English department can work as ateacer in all educational levels. Besides they can work as translators


    • Bachelor of Arts in History

      Literary Section – History department

      Department: Social Studies “History”

      This program is for girls only

      Credit hours: 126 hours.

      Awarded Degree: Bachelor of Education

      Years of Study: 4 years. (Including preparatory year.)

      Preparatory Year track: Literary Track


      About the Program:
      Three fields are under focus:
      Old History: it includes the history of civilization of Rafidain, the River Nile, Arabian Peninsula and the history of Romans and Greeks as well as the effect of this on the Near East.
      Medieval history: this is mainly the history of Europe in medieval ages, Byzantium, the prophet’s life and Islamic Civilization.
      Modern History: this is the modern history of K.S.A., Arabs history, Europe, Far East and America.


      Years of Study:

      First Year:
      Preparatory year , literary track.
      Second Year:
      In this year the student get to know about the general information and terminology of history as well as general knowledge of computer and thinking skills.
      Third Year:
      In this year students study more of modern history and they get to know more about historic relations between states of different civilizations. In addition to this, students study teaching strategies.
      Fourth Year:
      More specialized courses in history are available and students go to schools for teaching practice.


      Job Opportunities:

      • Teaching
      • Jobs in ministry of Culture, Press and Hajj.
      • Jobs as tourist guide and religious tourism.
      • Jobs in public and private museums
      • Jobs in private sector
      • different jobs in public sectors.


    • Bachelor of Science in Computer Sciences

      The Computer Department is one of the new sections in the college of Education (Scientific sections) , Where it accepted the first batch in the Department of Computer Science in 1433-1434h( Before that, where it was under the Department of Mathematics). It aims to provide the job market scientifically qualified to work in the computer field armed with the latest theoretical and practical experiences to face the practical life, whether in the academic side or Applied. The members of the section do the best to achieve this goal , teaching courses and help students to achieve abilities and develop themselves within the framework of a sound educational environment characterized by respect and cooperation. Reflect a high degree of commitment and seriousness in the habilitation and help to prepare them to meet the requirements of modern times.
      Most important characteristic of the Computer  Department College of Education that it will be a lot of technical projects for graduation, Contributes through students by harnessing modern technology and systems to find solutions to some technical problems the organization of work in the various sectors of the state because computer has become a tool that  can't be dispensed, whether in educational institutions or other of the various sectors in the country .


      Study Years: Four years and then the students will be awarded Bachelor degree in computer science.


    • Bachelor of Science in Physics

      Believing in the message of the section in service and community development and the role of Physics of great importance in practical and scientific life and its role in the development of other sciences, the Physics Department aspires to prepare graduates proudly to seal their role in teaching the younger generations of concepts and laws required by the student and research skills and laboratory work likono prepared for the community in several areas of the engineering industry, innovations and other areas of life, and advancement of our communities
      Physics Bachelor's degree granted by a distinctive study plan, overseen by renowned faculty members  


      Years of study: Four years and then the student will be awarded Bachelor in Physics.


    • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

      Chemistry Department of the partitions leading and ambitious in College of Education, Scientific Sections perceived exactly the role assigned to it in order to participate in the development of the country where we are in the section believe that chemistry is relying leading to adapt and exploit the country's resources effectively and bring development which earned strength to continue in the science of international competition
      The Department since its inception prepares distinguished scientific cadres and eligible to work in the field of education, scientific research and other sectors and we will continue in continuous effort to provide all the support the march of progress and prosperity.


      Years of study: Four years and then the student will be awarded Bachelor in chemistry


    • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

      Special programmes for graduatation with skills in mathematics and its applications to be member function effectively to meet the needs of development of the society and the enrichment of knowledge through teaching and scientific research.

      Years of study: Four years and then the student will be awarded Bachelor in Mathematics


    • Bachelor of Science in Biology

      The biology is one of the most important branches of science, and it means the study of all living organisms. Biology Department plays an important role in identifying students with their surrounding environment and its diverse organisms, and provide the student with great at it and related sciences for example: environment, classification of different organisms, microbiology, physiology of the embryo, configuration objects, Anatomy, biotechnology, laboratory technology, genetics, etc., these Sciences receive student by selected faculty members in various branches of science, working for the teaching plan takes into account the decisions to be balanced and include Decisions to give the student knowledge of gradient and integrated in the basics and branches of biology in. .. For graduate student with basic and diverse theoretical and practical, in this science help age into the labour market in the relevant areas, completing his studies in any of the branches.
      The Biology Department is keen on continued development of its programmes in line with national and international standards and strives to develop students deserve the confidence of the labour market in Saudi Arabia. It aims to promote scientific research and to strengthen cooperation with the bodies, scientific institutions and government research centres.


      Years of study: Four years and then the student will be awarded Bachelor in Biology.


    • Bachelor of Education in Kindergarten

      Under Construction

    • Bachelor of Education in Special Education

      Under Construction

    • Diploma in School Counseling and Guidance

      Under Construction

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