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    The College of Business Administration is one of the oldest and key establishments under the umbrella of the University of Hafr Al-Batin. The Business administration program provides students with a foundation in general business practices and leadership concepts.   In addition to acquiring skills in accounting, finance, sales, and operations. Students enhance their ability to write, think, work in groups, solve problems and build confidence and the ability to succeed in the world of business.

    Skills in Business administration help students to be effective business leaders, while assuring themselves of developing a diverse set of talents. Skills learned in the program will be used throughout the student's entire career, and life. 

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    The College of Business Administration is one of the pioneering Colleges of the University of Hafr Al-Batin. The College aims to prepare specialists in the business field as specialists are greatly needed by the national and local labor markets. It also imparts knowledge and skills to students which are required and preferred by the potential employers and has seen its graduates’ progress to prestigious appointments in Saudi Arabia.
    Since the College is dedicated to contributing in the development and prosperity of students’ It is committed to continuous improvement of its curriculum, academic programs, faculty members, and the use of instructional technology.

    1. Management and Marketing
    2. Accounting
    3. Finance


    Dean's Message

    Welcome to the website of the College of Business Administration - the beginning of the major step towards your career. We at the College of Business Administration are dedicated to provide you with a world-class degree in the fields of marketing, management, finance and accounting. Our faculty members are dedicated to respond to your needs and they are here to help you in your studies inside and outside the classroom. A beautiful campus at the University of Hafr Al-Batin is the sight of your next academic experience. To maximize the teaching effectiveness, we ensure a more intimate learning experience and every effort is made to accommodate our students with an understanding of their professional needs. The College of Business Administration is one of the leading institutions in the country in regard to student internships and this extends to all our BS Programs. The aim of the CBA-UHB is to provide an understanding of the key concepts that underlie business practices and practical knowledge in a changing world. All of our classes include a “what if” scenario in case studies and those studies are based on contemporary issues. This is a reflection of our preemptive and Proactive approach to problems and solutions.

    The College of Business Administration has a well-qualified, hardworking and dedicated team of faculty members who hold PhDs and Masters degres from world-wide universities with various disciplines. From admission until graduation we strive to make the learning experience as friendly as possible. The programs are constantly reviewed and updated through input from our highly qualified and dedicated faculty. You are invited to visit the College of Business Administration, UHB and our faculty will personally escort you around campus and introduce you to our college.


    To be among one of the best “Business” schools in the region.





    The college of Business Administration is dedicated to provide graduates who are capable of making a difference by applying their knowledge in various business areas. We are engaged in high quality research and interact with the local and regional communities through our enriching services.

    • Bachelor of Science in Marketing

      Overview of BS Marketing Program and Graduation Requirements:

      Marketing activities play a central role in delivering value to both customers and shareholders. In this context ‘marketing’ can be seen as being at the interface between the customer and the organization. It interprets the needs, desires and changing values of customers for the organization and at the same time presents the organization’s response in terms of services or products to the customer. Modern marketing requires analytical, numeric and data management skills as well as the creativity traditionally associated with marketing.

      The BS Marketing will provide you with an up-to-date knowledge of marketing that is grounded in both the marketing theory and practice. The focus is on delivering value for both customers and shareholders using technology in both the management of customer experience and in engaging with customers through digital media.

      The program is four years in duration and involves an industrial placement which is compulsory for all students. Thus, the program will introduce the student to exciting new developments in marketing practice and provide work-related skills that are in great demand from employers.



      • Marketing Knowledge; Awareness and understanding of marketing concepts, principles and theories.
      • Students will be able to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the role of marketing in an organization and society at large.
      • Students will be able to demonstrate a good understanding of the principles and theories of modern marketing thinking and practice.
      • Students will be able to demonstrate awareness of responsibilities and challenges facing marketing in the organization and society at large.
      • Application of Marketing Knowledge; Ability to apply marketing area concepts, principles and theories appropriately.
      • Students will be able to design marketing strategies for organizations and draw appropriate implementation plans for these strategies.
      • Students will be able to design and conduct basic-level marketing research studies, or evaluate and use third-party market research studies for effective marketing decision making.

    • Bachelor of Science in Management

    • Bachelor of Science in Accounting

    • Bachelor of Science in Finance

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    Main campus - University of Hafr Al Batin
    Business Administration Dept.
    P.O Box 1803
    Hafr AL Batin-31991
    Saudi Arabia.